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  • Surowe naturalne orzechy migdałowe

    details  humidity / Max 6% imperfect / max1% mold nucleus / Max 1% nie rozwinięte / Max 5% Diameter / min 13-14mm nuclei at 100 g / 85-90 pollution / Max 1%
  • Nestle NIDO Instant mleko w proszku

    We sell at competitive prices. Available in English, French and Arabic Nido milk powder-400 GMS, 900 GMS. 1800 GMS & 2500 GMS Nestle Nido milk powder 400 g, 900g, 1800g, 2500g After...
  • Aptamil milk powder for babies

    Aptamil infants milk powder 1. German poisoning 2.900 GM 3. 6 cans per housing Product feature We deliver milk powder with all stages from Aptamil Packaging: 6 cans for each case For the...
  • Świeże jaja kurze tabeli/świeże jaja wyLęgowych kurczaka w dobrych cenach

    We have fresh brown and white table eggs ready to be powered. We have the following egg sizes: Small (43-53 g) Medium (53-63 g) Large (63-75 g) Expiration date: 6 months Packaging: a...
  • Masło solone i niesolone

    Salted and unsalted butter We confirm the avalability of unsalted butter sold in bulk with the specification confirmed below Fat from unsalted butter, 82% fat, TŁUSZCZ (g / 100g): 82MIN...
  • High quality Pure Black vanilla beans

    we have the best grade, Premium Black Vanilla for sale internationally. It is simply put the best vanilla you can buy. The length starts from 14cm but it is possible to adjust and adjust the...
  • RedBull 250ml puszki

    Brands: ........................ Dimensions of Red Bull: ........... 32.8 x 21.6 x 13.6 cm Storage instructions: ......... Cool and dry conditions for recommendation: .......... Ice Cold straight...
  • Coca Cola 330ml

    Coca Cola, Fanta, Pepsi 330ml x 24 = case Packing: 108 cases / pallet Full truck: 22-25 pallets Conatiner 20 \': 22 pallets Contact us for more information about the product
  • Wysokiej jakości ciecierzycy

    chickpeas product specification First and last name: chickpeas Humidity: 14% DoMieszki: 0.5% Grains broken: Max 2,5% Foreign affairs: 0.2% Number: 42-44 Style: fried...

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